Confederacion de Operadores Económicos Autorizados de Latinoamérica, España y el Caribe / Of. México +52(55) 3622 0699 / Of. Tijuana +52(664) 6823 085

Who we are

Considering the problematic international state of affairs the world is encountering today regarding foreign trade and customs, Authorized Economic Operator intends to place itself as a device in the context of public – private cooperation in order to allow a greater alliance between the public and private sector.

The Authorized Economic Operator evolved from the normative structure of the World Customs Organization “SAFE Framework”.

Given this history, and according to the challenge presented by the growth of the AEO in Latin America, Spain and the Caribbean, in 2012 the first AEO Confederation was created in Latin America, Spain and the Caribbean, COEALAC



Contribute to the growth and strengthening of the position of AEO in Latin America, Spain and the Caribbean through the establishment of regional programs that will enhance the framework of public – private cooperation.



Intensify the relationship with the public sector through a unified AEO based on the guidelines of the World Customs Organization together with the privately held business sector.



To represent participants of the international supply chain and subject to certification by an authorizing organization, in order to assist in the implementation and establishment of mutual recognition programs, in the countries of the Latin American and Caribbean Authorized Latin America and Caribbean, together with International Organizations promoters AEO.



COEALAC will aim to cooperate with those companies that currently are certified as Authorized Economic Operators in the region, as well as those who are willing to initiate their certification processes.



COEALAC’s main objective is to assist government agencies, local authorities and responsible institutions to implement the AEO certification, in order to contribute to the growth and reinforcement of AEO from Latin America, Spain and the Caribbean through the establishment of regional programs which will enhance the interrelation of public – private cooperation.



COEALAC will interact with all international agencies with the purpose of representing the interests of authorized economic operators in order to start generating improvements in the AEO, as well as extending the process of creating mutual recognition. Participate in the creation of public policies and regional programs.